Friday, April 12, 2013

full nest


  1. Life digs itself

    Following Ayn Rand, some critic claims
    an avatar only has power
    to the extent he is believed,
    without considering this might be true of Ayn

    And so the eternal game continues:
    life digs itself

    eggs hatch
    bees make honey
    thunder breaks

    All of us have been in places
    no sane person would choose;
    mystics say life experiencing itself
    is the purpose

    And that the avatar is born,
    or becomes, so empathetic
    he is able to dig anything
    and transform it, mind or matter,
    bring forth life from death

    Critics secretly believe he negates
    their own discoveries;
    they protest, watching from a raft
    at risk of flooding

    From mist to shining river,
    egg to feathers
    flying with power,
    seed to ancient stick:
    life digs itself

    The poet Rumi calls it creation dancing,
    passionate for God

    (by Joneve McCormick)